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We can send certain of our smaller lessons and supplements at no cost (except shipping) to a fellow teacher who has a likely classroom use. We grant permission to the requesting teacher to use/duplicate the material in his/her own classroom setting. We also grant the recipient permission to duplicate the item and share it liberally with colleagues within the same building as long as credit is given to Teacher's Press.

Developed at different times and for different purposes, the nature of the complimentary material (listed below) varies greatly.  Some items are described in more detail at another location on this site.


Complimentary Item A

LESSON: Calendars and Thinking Logically

bulletStudent Text
bulletTeacher's Text

We developed this informative lesson as the year 2000 approached and student interest in the concept of "a new millennium" was quite high. The information continues to be useful for explaining about calendars and how they came about.

Complimentary Item B

LESSON: The Decalogue--Bible Scholarship for Use Today

bulletStudent Text, 8 pages
bulletTeacher's Edition and Teacher References (Source Analysis), 18 pages

We produced a 26-page booklet to promote reasoned and informed discussions of this "hot topic." We provide the background and guidance to enable a historical study of a Bible theme. [more details]

Complimentary Item C

ESSAY/BOOK REVIEW: Teaching about Religion in History Classes: Sacred and Secular History

bulletPart 1 (Essay): "Holy Books and History Teaching", 13 pages
bulletPart 2 (Book Review): Taking Religion Seriously Across the Curriculum by Warren Nord and Charles Haynes, 8 pages

We wrote this two-part pamphlet to help fellow teachers deal with attempts to influence public school history and the social studies curricula as it relates to world religions. [more details]

Complimentary Item D

TEXT: Southeast Asia Supplements

bulletThe Neolithic Revolution, 15 pages
bulletOcean Explorers: 2000 BCE to 1000 CE, 9 pages
bulletInformative Text (Background for Student and/or Teacher Use)

We wrote this auxiliary text to compensate for the "gaps" we saw in some of our other materials.


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